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ThunderCats Cartoon Series

Widely regarded by both critics and fans as one of the finest animated series of the last 20 years, ThunderCats debuted in 1985. The series took on many of the themes prevalent in cartoons from its era, by blending elements from sci-fi and fantasy genres, and by putting a strong moral centre at its heart.

The series told of the adventures of the mighty but compassionate warriors known as the ThunderCats, the last survivors of their home planet. The show focussed particularly on the growth and development of the ThunderCats' young leader, Lion-O. Due to spending his adolescence in suspended animation, Lion-O was forced to grow into a man before the eyes of the audience, and this provided both for strong character development and for valuable life lessons to be introduced into the series' storylines.

Coupled with this was a healthy dose of action and adventure that would excite ThunderCats' many young fans all over the world in a way not seen by other comics, pirate mmo games, or cartoons since. Over the years the series has endured and continued to appeal both to its original fans and to new generations. In this area of this website, you can explore the magic that is the ThunderCats animated series.   Read more..

Over the course of the past two decades, the ThunderCats cartoon series has made a huge impact on fans of all ages. In this section we explore the origins of the series, reveal exciting and fun facts about the show, learn more about the writers and cast, and find out when and where it was originally broadcast!

Broadcast Info
Find out more about ThunderCats' history on worldwide television, including their return to prominence on Cartoon Network in the 1990s!

Air Date Information
ThunderCats was a true global phenomenon, generating millions of dedicated fans the world over! This section contains the original airdates for each episode of ThunderCats from several different countries, including the USA, UK and Australia.

Promotional Material
Showcased here are promotional materials created and circulated by Rankin-Bass at the time of ThunderCats' debut, including stills from the show and more!

Articles & Features
A wide-ranging look at many aspects of the origins of the ThunderCats series, including information on the show's writers, cast and production team.

Interviews NEW!
A fantastic new sub-section, including exclusive audio interviews with ThunderCats' cast, writers, and more, all conducted by our newest team member Nick Mills!

Here it is TCL's own in-depth guide to the episodes, events, people and places that make up the world of the ThunderCats! From the detailed episode guide to our exclusive Encyclopedia, our hope is that this section will provide you with all the info you ever need to know about the ThunderCats cartoon!

Episode Guide
Our extensive episode guide showcases official Rankin-Bass synopsies and morals, as well as screen shots, fan reactions to episodes and our own in-depth reviews and anaylisis!

A continual work-in-progress, our exclusive Encyclopedia will eventually contain information on every character, place, vehicle, creature, weapon and item to feature in the ThunderCats series, all lavishly illustrated!

Bringing you closer to the ThunderCats series than ever before, this section showcases the complete scripts to several episodes!

Articles & Features
Delve ever deeper into the world of the ThunderCats, with articles spotlighting some of the series' more noteworthy events, as well as things you might have missed!

This section provides an extensive look into the creation of this groundbreaking cartoon series! This section includes production artwork and many gorgeous cels used in the animation of the show!

Animation Art
We've gone to incredible lengths and great expense to bring you some amazing examples of the materials used behind the scenes to pull together the ThunderCats cartoon. Prepare to be wowed!

This section features a wealth of exciting and unique features, including articles, videos, the famous ThunderCats outtakes, special TCL-themed downloads, and an exclusive look at the rare ThunderCats French Enyclopedia!

Hear The Roar: ThunderCats - Creation & Legacy documentary NEW!
A special documentary created by ThunderCats Lair's newest team member Nick Mills, and featuring info and insight from Larry Kenney, Kimberly Morris, and several ThunderCats fans!

Mike Germakian, a Father of the ThunderCats - in memorium NEW!
Mike Germakian, a pivotal player and visionary artist. Shedding light on the cloudy retelling of how the ThunderCats initially came to be, and the role that Mike played in their creation.

Commercial Bumpers
Showcasing many of the commercial bumpers created for ThunderCats, including both the originals and the ones created by Cartoon Network, available to view here at TCL!

Thundercats Outtakes
A great insight into the fun atmosphere of a ThunderCats recording session, these authentic outtakes show that the ThunderCats' voice actors didn't always get it right on a first take! Contains strong language.

Public Service Announcement video
A highly rare clip from the 1980s featuring Lion-O and Snarf warning children of the dangers of alcohol. Featuring all-new animation and voice work from Larry Kenney and Bob McFadden!

TV Appearances
A special section showcasing TV features that focus on the ThunderCats cartoon.

French Encyclopedia
Beautifully illustrated and very rare, every page of the French ThunderCats (a.ka. "CosmoCats") Encyclopedia is available to view here, exclusively at TCL!

Treasures of Thundera
Brighten up your desktop with our exclusive ThunderCats wallpapers, all featuring illustrations taken straight from our Encyclopedia section! More exciting downloads coming soon.

Miscellaneous Articles
Featured here are articles written by TCL team members that may not fit anywhere else on the site, but which provide unique and sometimes personal insight into ThunderCats fandom.

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