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Ever since the series made its debut in 1985, ThunderCats has been broadcast all over the world on literally hundreds of different networks! This section contains articles focussing on the series' appearance on TV stations worldwide, including their triumphant arrival to Cartoon Network in the 1990s!

ThunderCats On Cartoon Network
The ThunderCats returned to US TV screens in the mid-1990s on Cartoon Network - discover the impact that the series had on the network and its programming!

ThunderCats in Taiwan
A rare insight into the impact that ThunderCats made internationally, as well as providing exciting information about the series' origins!

ThunderCats in the UK
Unquestionably one of the countries where ThunderCats enjoyed its biggest success, this article reveals the unique way in which the episodes were broadcast in the UK, and how fondly remembered it is today!

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