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About the Series

Over the course of the past two decades, the ThunderCats cartoon series has made a huge impact on fans of all ages. In this section we explore the origins of the series, reveal exciting and fun facts about the show, learn more about the writers and cast, and find out when and where it was originally broadcast!

Broadcast Info
Find out more about ThunderCats' history on worldwide television, including their return to prominence on Cartoon Network in the 1990s!

Air Date Information
ThunderCats was a true global phenomenon, generating millions of dedicated fans the world over! This section contains the original airdates for each episode of ThunderCats from several different countries, including the USA, UK and Australia.

Promotional Material
Showcased here are promotional materials created and circulated by Rankin-Bass at the time of ThunderCats' debut, including stills from the show and more!

Articles & Features
A wide-ranging look at many aspects of the origins of the ThunderCats series, including information on the show's writers, cast and production team.

Interviews NEW!
A fantastic new sub-section, including exclusive audio interviews with ThunderCats' cast, writers, and more, all conducted by our newest team member Nick Mills!

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