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Containing a great deal of insight and revelations about the production of this classic animated series, ThunderCats Lair is proud to present its new and revamped interviews section! As well as featuring some interesting and exciting text interviews, this section is also home to the many exclusive audio interviews conducted by our newest team member Nick Mills!

With candid comments from the show's cast, crew, writers and production staff, our goal is to make this section one of the most comprehensive online guides to the production of our favourite show. Enjoy, and check back soon for more updates to this section!

Exclusive Audio Interviews Updated 19/12/08
Masterminded by our newest team member, Nick Mills, this sub-section contains many exclusive audio interviews with many of the show's luminaries, including some of the most up-to-date interviews with some of the show's cast and crew, and the first-ever fan site interviews with ThunderCats voice actors Lynne Lipton, Peter Newman, Gerrianne Raphael and Earle Hyman!

Larry Kenney - Previously Unpublished Text Interview
An insightful interview with Larry Kenney, the voice actor who portrayed Lion-O as well as Jackalman and many other characters throughout the course of the ThunderCats series. This interview was conducted back in the summer of 2000, but has remained unpublished...until now!

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