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Delve ever deeper into the world of the ThunderCats, with articles spotlighting some of the series' more noteworthy events, as well as things you might have missed!

Anime Wilykit!
ThunderCats was animated in Japan, yet always firmly with an American audience in mind. However, these frames from the episode "The Tower of Traps" show that the animators were not afraid to show the series' Japanese origins on occasion!

The Lost Intro!
When the ThunderCats pilot aired, and subsequently when the "movie" version of "Exodus" was released on home video, one of the most memorable things about it was the now famous "lost intro", a short introductory sequence introducing the audience to the characters and concept, and featuring some unique animation! The "lost intro" was never part of the syndicated version of "Exodus" and as such has never been released on DVD, but you can learn more about it - and download a video clip of it - in this article!

ThunderCats: "Exodus" - The Deleted Scenes!
Many ThunderCats fans have vivid memories of the original ThunderCats pilot, both from when it was broadcast and when it was released on home video. One of the most unique aspects of the pilot was that it featured several scenes deleted from the stand-alone version of the episode "Exodus" - read about and view them here!

Vultureman's Voice!
Most ThunderCats fans remember how Vultureman sounds, but when he made his debut in the series he sounded very different - this article explores the drastic change between Vultureman's original voice and the one he ended up with!

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