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Origin: Thundera

Group: Thundercats

Strengths: Exceptional agility and super-speed, possession of a sixth sense and the capability for emitting telekinetic bursts of energy

Weaknesses: Top speed only sustainable for short distances, sixth sense can be temperamental and make Cheetara vulnerable to invasive mental attack


A captivating mixture of feminine beauty and gentility coupled with athleticism and the fighting skill of her male comrades, Cheetara has served many roles in the ThunderCat team - her relationship to Lion-O has evolved from being a maternal, almost mother-like figure to being an equal and advisor in times of need, and the others all look to her for the intuition and insight she is able to bring to a situation. Gentle but tough, Cheetara is no damsel-in-distress, often proving a pivotal figure in the downfall of the ThunderCats' enemies, and is unquestionably regarded as a true equal to the other ThunderCats.


Cheetara left the doomed planet of Thundera with her fellow Thundercats. Leaving behind the planet, Cheetara was instructed by Jaga to wake Lion-O from sleep, which she did, despite the objections of Snarf. When the Mutants boarded their ship, Cheetara joined the other Thundercats and bravely fought them off. She was given a new outfit and Bo-Staff to help defend herself in their new home by Jaga, along with her fellow Thundercats. Cheetara helped defend the ship from the attacking Mutants, going into suspension to make the journey to the new planet chosen as the Thundercats new home. She was then revived with the others when they reached their new home on Third Earth, and after defeating the Mutants, prepared with the others to build a new home.

The Unholy Alliance

Cheetara accompanied Tygra on a scouting of local terrain, where they found a good site with which to build their new base.

The Slaves of Castle PlunDarr

Cheetara went with the other Thundercats to free the Brute Men slaves, there she fought the Mutant Jackalman and was quickly able to outwit and defeat him. Cheetara told Lion-O that while pride was a good thing, pride carried too far was foolishness.


While out on her morning run, Cheetara was attacked by the Mutants, when she awoke she was in the care of a mysterious Thundercat named Pumm-Ra, who said he had saved her. Cheetara brought him back to Cats Lair and suggested he joins the team, but didn't realise Pumm-Ra was in fact anothere disguise of Mumm-Ra, who had needed her to gain entry to the Cats Lair.

Trouble with Time

Cheetaras amazing speed has often saved the Thundercats from deadly situations. When Tygra ventured into a mysterious cave, he found himself beginning to age rapidly, Cheetara was the only one who could get in and out of the cave fast enough to save Tygra from death.

Sixth Sense

Cheetaras sixth sense does not always prove beneficial however, and has often put a great strain on her. When a mysterious alien spacecraft arrived on Third Earth, it began to transmit a signal from its control unit which could communicate with Cheetaras sixth sense. The strain on Cheetara was enormous, draining her of all her strength. The mysterious ship spoke to the Thundercats through the weakened Cheetara, who was determined to find the mysterious ship before it was too late. Cheetaras condition worsened still when the Mutants attacked the mysterious ship, hoping to use it as a weapon against Cheetara. Knowing that the control unit of the ship had survived the Mutant attack, Cheetara told the other Thundercats that they must get the ship off Third Earth, or she would be destroyed. Fortunately Panthro and Tygra managed to repair the ship, and Cheetara was able to use her sixth sense to use it against the Mutants and they were able to recover the control unit and repair the ship, which no longer needed Cheetara and left Third Earth. Cheetara found that the ship had apologised for causing for trouble and thanked the Thundercats.

Trial of Speed

When the time of Lion-O's anointment trials came, it was Cheetaras task, as the fastest of the Thundercats, to try Lion-O in speed. Lion-O knew he could not beat Cheetara in a race, and so took a dangerous western route as an alternative. Already miles ahead of Lion-O, Cheetara ran into the Mutants, who pursued her on land and underwater. Luckily Panthro arrived in the Thunder tank to assist the outnumbered Cheetara. Cheetara was ahead by a mile and two thirds, eventually coming face to face with Lion-O, they raced alongside one another to the finish of their race, Lion-O knew he could not win the race in this way, but his sheer determination allowed him to. Lion-O at first believed Cheetara had let him win, something which offended her, as the code of Thundera forbade that. The distance ran actually exhausted Cheetaras super speed, and she told him that his determination not to lose had allowed him to win the race.

Dimension Doom

Cheetara began seeing a man in her mirror at night claiming to be Wizz-Ra, an ancient sorcerer. Cheetara decided not to tell the other Thundercats at first, believing they would simply laugh at her. Mumm-Ra, Wizz-Ra's ancient enemy, knew of Wizz-Ra's appearances, and sent his cheetah minion to possess Cheetara, when Wizz-Ra next appeared to her, the cheetah was able to leap from Cheetara and steal Wizz-Ra's magic helmet, leaving her in a trance. Cheetara was able to break free from the trance, and joined with Wizz-Ra to free the other Thundercats from Mumm-Ra, and reclaim the magic helmet. Cheetara used her super speed to return Wizz-Ra to the mirror quickly, as he was in danger of dying outside of his own dimension.

Thundercats Ho!

Cheetara used her sixth sense when Lion-O began having a strange dream about other Thundercats dying on Thundera, they were told by Jaga that the others had survived and lived somewhere on Third Earth, Cheetara was able to locate a remote island they were living on,\ and the Thundercats made plans to find them.

Mumm-Ra Lives

Cheetara believed they had seen the last of Mumm-Ra. She went with Lynx-O to Mumm-Ra's pyramid, where they found an ancient talisman with the power to repel evil.

The Telepathy Beam

Cheetara had a vision that Slithe and Monkian were attacking the Berbil vision, and claimed her sixth sense had never been this strong before, going with Lion-O to the village at once. But when they arrived, they found the village in tact. Soon after, Cheetara had another vision of the Warrior Maidens under attack, believing she had got her images confused before. This was in fact a ploy by Vultureman and Alluro, who had created a telepathy team to confused Cheetara and destroy her sixth sense. Cheetara believed her powers were failing. She had another vision of Panthro being attacked, which was in fact real, but not wishing to appear foolish, she kept it to herself. When Panthro went missing, she had multiple visions of him in danger, and was told to stay behind while the others Thundercats searched for him. Cheetara had lost faith in herself, she was consoled by Lynx-O, as more images began to destroy her mind. Cheetara concentrated, in her heart she knew she was strong and her sheer will allowed her to concentrate on the telepathy team and destroy it. Cheetara told the other Thundercats that this telekinetic power she had unleashed came from her anger and confusion, and she wasn't sure if she could use it again.

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