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Origin: Thundera

Group: Thundercats

Strengths: Very fast, second only to Cheetara for speed, also possesses above-average ThunderCat agility

Weaknesses: None Known


Another of the three Thunderians to reach Third Earth following their home planet's destruction, Pumyra in many ways is like a younger version of Cheetara, possessed of a feminine nature that belies a flair for combat. Like the other "new" ThunderCats, Pumyra had to learn to be resourceful in order to survive the potentially hostile environs of Third Earth, and in so doing truly earned her place amongst the elite Thunderians known as the ThunderCats.

Thundercats Ho!

Pumyra, Lynx-O and Bengali tried to board the Thundercats flagship as it left the dying planet of Thundera, but they were too late, an earthquake beginning meant that the ship had to leave immediately. Fortunately they were rescued by a nearby Berbil ship, the ship was damaged and crashed on Third Earth, on a desserted island where the Thunderians and Berbils made their new home. When Mumm-Ra discovered there were other Thunderians on Third Earth, he sent the Berzerkers to capture them, The Thunderians fought hard against them, but were ultimately captured. After being taken to fire rock Mountain, the Thunderians made a plan to escape, and Pumyra knocked out Jackalman after causing a distraction, allowing them to get away.

When the other Thundercats arrived and reunited with the Thunderians, they worked together to defeat the evil forces of Mumm-Ra. However, Pumyra still didn't even know their saviours name, and was told by Lynx-O that it was Lion-O, and, at Cats Lair, Pumyra was given the Thundercats insignia along with her friends, and officially joined the Thundercats.

Mumm-Ra Lives

Pumyra and Bengali spotted the Mutants trying to enter darkside, and reported their findings back at Cats Lair. Pumyra later assissted in the hectic battle with the new threat, the Lunataks.

Cat Fight

Pumyra accompanied Bengali and Lion-O on their trip to rescue Lynx-O from the Lunataks, Pumyra fought with and was able to defeat Chilla and they rescued Lynx-O.

Together we Stand

Pumyra came to the aid of a trapped unicorn, but after rescuing it, fell victim to the evil Berzerkers. Pumyra was able to escape them little realising she had been allowed to, Bengali helped her when she returned to the tower of omens, but the Berzerkers were waiting. Pumyra managed to escape while Bengali held them off, and later tried to heal the badly injured Lynx-O.

Mumm-Rana's Belt

Pumyra listened to a story told by Snarf about the history of Queen Luna and Mumm-Rana. As the others left, Pumyra stayed behind to do some target practise In the forest, while training, she overheard Luna nearby, and realised that she must be after Mumm-Rana's belt and overheard Snarfs story. Pumyra gave chase to Luna and Amok, Pumya gave chase, and although being slowed down, tracked Luna to the white pyramid, unfortunately, Luna already had the belt, and she used her new powers to seal Pumyra behind a brick wall. Fortunately for Pumyra, Amok angrily punched through the wall, allowing her to escape, and together she and Mumm-Rana joined Lion-O and confronted Luna, Pumyra was able to get the sword of omens to Lion-O and they deafeded Luna, who lost her belt, allowing Mumm-Rana to reclaim it once again.

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