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The Thundercats Encyclopedia

Finally here it is, a comprehensive, detailed and illustrated guide to the Thundercats. Although still in production, this guide will eventually cover every character, weapon, vehicle and location in the Thundercats Series. Hopefully this guide will answer any questions you may have about the Thundercat Universe. New and old fans should find something useful in this resource and maybe even some inspiration to make your own shirt or sketches inspired by the characters.

Each item of this encyclopedia has a hand drawn illustration and a profile compiled by the experts here at If you can would like to provide feedback for this encyclopedia please email us at

Champions of the Code of Thundera, the ThunderCats and their allies battle to defend Third Earth and New Thundera from evil. From the mighty ThunderCats to the gentle Berbils, they all have a role to play in the fight against Mumm-Ra, the Mutants and the Lunataks.

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The Thundercats face evil in all of its forms. Mumm-Ra, The Mutants, The Lunataks and many more fight to destroy the code of Thundera.

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Text introduction to the good vehicles of the thundercats and others.

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