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Hear The Roar: ThunderCats - Creation & Legacy
Exclusive Documentary

Before you listen to the documentary, please take the time out to read this introduction. I think it'll lead in nicely to what you're about to listen to and give you some background as to the project itself and the outcome.

When I first learned that my college course (I studied Radio in Glasgow Metropolitan College) was going to consist of a final creative project in which a documentary/drama would have to be completed over the course of a month, I was ecstatic. Ever since I was a young lad, I've been a die-hard ThunderCats fan. Later on, I'd begin to divulge into professional wrestling, another hobby of mine. But from about four years old, there was nothing on television or anywhere else that would stop me from getting my prescription of ThunderCats. It was a very special cartoon for me; full of non-stop action and morals that I, as a child, could understand. ThunderCats was the alternative to cartoons that promoted violence and sex and was something you could air to adults and children and be proud of - come on now, everybody remembers Tygra getting a strange addiction to strange fruit given to him by Silky/Mumm-Ra or Lion-O easily getting himself into danger? It was either "Aargh!", "Panthro! Cheetara! My leg! I can't move!" or some moral lesson delivered in total seriousness. It all had a wonderful message and, even today, there's still a large fan following.

At the time when our creative project was announced, several ideas flashed into my head; Sopranos documentary, Resident Evil parody, a Mafia drama and a ThunderCats documentary. I admit that I was more inclined to do a Resident Evil parody because it has been my favourite game-series of all time, quenching my thirst for blowing heads off zombies. But my lecturer grounded me and said "Find something simple". So I did; I chose ThunderCats, motivated by a desire to get more information about the show, interview Lion-O and try and get a brilliant documentary out of it. After many weeks and months, I completed 'Hear The Roar - ThunderCats: Creation and Legacy'. I spent much time editing everything to give my documentary as much information as possible and allow everyone to have equal say; however, my documentary had to be shortened down due to time constraints and so this influenced my decision to allow the interviews to be uploaded on ThunderCats Lair, who have been nothing but helpful throughout the creative project. I suggest that you listen to everything to complete the package and it's well worth it.

The documentary is 25 minutes and consists of several topics including the beginning, favourite characters, outtakes, the movie (which features a somewhat small interesting piece of information about a possible Larry Kenney involvement in the movie), writing an episode and the legacy including much more.

I'd like to thank everybody involved in the creative project; Manny, Chris (He-Fan) and Jeremy Graves who is the host of a popular wrestling podcast we're apart of called Dropkick Radio and was also interviewed for this documentary. This documentary and the interviews would not have happened without all of you and I thoroughly enjoyed the final product. Most of all, I'd like to give a special thanks to Larry Kenney and Kimberly Morris for taking the time out of their busy schedules to give me thorough interviews into ThunderCats. Finishing the product, I have gained more respect for the cartoon show and the people involved. So with that said, listen and enjoy!

Hear The Roar: ThunderCats - Creation & Legacy (22.8 MB)
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Shortly after this documentary was completed, I was offered a spot onto the web-team and accepted. I have completed several interviews since for the website including Lynne Lipton, Stephen Perry and Peter Lawrence. This is the documentary that refuelled my curiosity and love into the show and it's an absolute honour and a pleasure to be still conducting interviews for the site.

Nicholas Mills
(Writer, Producer and Director of Hear The Roar: Thundercats Creation & Legacy)

"A professional, well-researched, and engrossing examination of a pop culture phenomena. I learned things I never knew about the ThunderCats TV show and its history - and I was there!" - Kimberly Morris (Writer)

"The familiar voices of the writers, producers, and crew bring back fond memories of the mid-80's, when we began production of the show. And the comments of our wonderful fans makes me proud to have been a part of THUNDERCATS. A FANTASTIC documentary!" Larry Kenney (Voice Actor)

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