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Special Features

This section features a wealth of exciting and unique features, including articles, videos, the famous ThunderCats outtakes, special TCL-themed downloads, and an exclusive look at the rare ThunderCats French Enyclopedia!

Complete draft of the ThunderCats movie - Warner Bros version by Paul Sopocy NEW!
We're proud to be the first to secure a copy of the movie script for the (currently) on hold development of the ThunderCats movie. Warner Bros paid Paul Sopocy to pen this draft of the movie. This would have been something to see! Note that we have not received official confirmation that this is a legitimate copy of the script.

Hear The Roar: ThunderCats - Creation & Legacy documentary NEW!
A special documentary created by ThunderCats Lair's newest team member Nick Mills, and featuring info and insight from Larry Kenney, Kimberly Morris, and several ThunderCats fans!

Mike Germakian, a Father of the ThunderCats - in memorium NEW!
Mike Germakian, a pivotal player and visionary artist. Shedding light on the cloudy retelling of how the ThunderCats initially came to be, and the role that Mike played in their creation.

Commercial Bumpers
Showcasing many of the commercial bumpers created for ThunderCats, including both the originals and the ones created by Cartoon Network, available to view here at TCL!

Thundercats Outtakes
A great insight into the fun atmosphere of a ThunderCats recording session, these authentic outtakes show that the ThunderCats' voice actors didn't always get it right on a first take! Contains strong language.

Public Service Announcement video
A highly rare clip from the 1980s featuring Lion-O and Snarf warning children of the dangers of alcohol. Featuring all-new animation and voice work from Larry Kenney and Bob McFadden!

TV Appearances
A special section showcasing TV features that focus on the ThunderCats cartoon.

French Encyclopedia
Beautifully illustrated and very rare, every page of the French ThunderCats (a.ka. "CosmoCats") Encyclopedia is available to view here, exclusively at TCL!

Treasures of Thundera
Brighten up your desktop with our exclusive ThunderCats wallpapers, all featuring illustrations taken straight from our Encyclopedia section! More exciting downloads coming soon.

Miscellaneous Articles
Featured here are articles written by TCL team members that may not fit anywhere else on the site, but which provide unique and sometimes personal insight into ThunderCats fandom.

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