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The complete script - ThunderCats movie
Written by Paul Sopocy for Warner Bros

Note that we were asked by Warner Bros. legal department to remove this file from the site. Read into that what you will about it's authenticity.

In late February 2010, we were the first fan or news site to secure a copy of the movie script for the (currently) on hold development of the ThunderCats movie. We purchased this script from an online auction for a few dollars and believed it to be authentic by the quality of the writing and the professional layout.

Since posting the script and our summary here a number of news outlets carried the story and we've seen a big surge in interest in this story. Over at it was suggested that the movie may still be in development as one of their sources claimed that a second version of the script was turned in by writer Paul Sopocy.

Our own sources have indicated that this version of the script would have been an early draft before the full creative team was brought on board.

We decided to voluntarily remove the script at WB's request but if you haven't had a chance to read it yet, we've included a few of the highlights below and if you search hard enough online you're likely to find a copy somewhere as this copy has apparently been quietly floating about for about three years already.

A few notable highlights:
  • There is no Snarf in the movie
  • Panthro is mentioned as having purple skin
  • Claudus and Grune appear in the movie
  • At one point Claudus tells Grune he's not fit to call himself a cat (yes he does)
  • There is a nice homage to the Berbils but they don't feature
  • S-s-slythe and Cheetara have one of the funniest interactions in the script
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