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Marvel Comics UK
ThunderCats Issue #1 - Cover

Pencilled by: Lee Sullivan
Inked by: Lee Sullivan
Coloured by: Lee Sullivan

From the collection of: Lee Sullivan
Owner's website:
Notes of Interest: A truly special piece, this is the front cover of Marvel UK's ThunderCats Issue #1, drawn by UK artist Lee Sullivan, shown here in its completed form but minus the captions and ThunderCats logo! Although Lee would (by his own admission) contribute very little to ThunderCats, his iconic artwork on this piece would be reused several times by Marvel UK on other publications, most notably the three ThunderCat headshots, which featured prominantly in the index of the 1988 UK hardcover Annual. This scan was actually donated to us by Lee Sullivan himself, and Lee was kind enough to send us a large and detailed version - click on the image above to view it!
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