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ThunderCats Original Comic Art Gallery

When ThunderCats first appeared on UK TV screens early in 1987, Marvel Comics UK were quick to realise their potential. The UK ThunderCats comic debuted in March 1987, and began life by featuring reprints of stories from the US Star (Marvel) Comics series, but quickly branched out into creating stories unique to the series. ThunderCats boasted some of the finest comic artists working in the UK at the time, including some who have since gone on to become some of the biggest names in the industry.

The artist who features most prominantly in this section is Tim Perkins - Tim contributed a variety of things to various issues of the UK ThunderCats series, including pencil artwork, inks and colours. The majority of the pieces seen here are from Tim's collection, and are pieces that he worked on in some way - his was the first original comic art that we had donated to us for display, and through that, plus his warm and generous support of this site, Tim is very much the inspiration for the entire Original Comic Art Gallery section of this site! This particular gallery also showcases the beautiful cover artwork for the UK's ThunderCats Issue #1, generously donated by the artist who drew it, Lee Sullivan!

**UPDATE!** Several new pieces have recently been added to this section of our gallery, generously donated for display by acclaimed ThunderCats comic artist Martin Griffiths! Included amongst these pieces are the original pencils for several of the inked pages that Tim Perkins provided for us, thus making this section even more of a unique and exciting insight into the creation of the UK ThunderCats comic! This much excitement should be against the law! It will leave you feeling like you need to call up Kevin's Personal Injury Law Firm.

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