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An Interview with Rob Potts

Hard Hero logo We recently had the chance to ask Rob Potts, the Producer over at Hard Hero a bunch of questions about all of the cool stuff coming out regarding the ThunderCats line. Rob was kind enough to spend some time answering a number of questions (many of which were sent in by visitors to the site).

Here is the interview itself:

Rob Potts: First, Id like to thank Mark and the team at ThunderCats Lair for their support and interest in our work. Its fans like you that help keep these classic characters alive!

1) What direction did you get from Warner Brothers on the statue line and the look and feel etc.

It was clear, after our initial talks that we were on the same page as far as the overall look. We wanted to stay with the original classic animation, but punch up the details in 3D.

2) The Lion-O statue pose was taken from the final frames of the cartoon intro. Are you planning on doing the other main characters in "intro-poses" also?

This just seemed to be the best fit for Lion-O. And I'm sure a few of the other characters' poses will follow along the same lines. Action is the name of the game! Though I do love the Cheetara pose we chose from the intro. She's so fast, there's no problem with her stopping to scope out the enemy before striking.

3) Is there any intention for future characters to be built in such a way that when placed together they become a formation set? If so, are there similar plans for the evil characters?

You must have been a fly on the wall! The ThunderCats' bases will display together to create a really cool dioramic-style display. As for the villains, there should be something similar with the majority of them as well. Lets see how things work out as we move forward.

4) What are the preliminary plans for the next statues? How many do you think will be produced in 2009, 2010?

The initial schedule for Lion-O is first quarter 2010, maybe sooner, depending on the edition size (strictly limited to preorders). After which, we plan to keep them coming on a regular schedule every month or two.

5) How will you decide which characters to produce, and the order that they are released?

We're kinda going with the "gut feeling" for character choices. And we're always interested in what the fans would like to see as well.

6) What can you tell us about plans for the busts line?

The bust series is still in development. So keep watching for further details.

7) Are the statues all going to be 1/8 scale? What led to the decision for this scale vs. 1/6?

The Thundercats statue series will be in a 1/7 scale. This lends to more action-oriented designs, not too large for displaying (with high shipping costs) and not so small that they disappear on the display shelf. I think the collectors will find this a really cool series to collect.

Lion-O statue8) The Lion-O statue gives the impression that the sculptor was a ThunderCats fan. The choice of the pose and attention to costume detail echoes this. Are you and the team fans of the property?

Yes, were all big fans. The Thundercats was cutting edge for the time and set a standard for successful animation long after the series had concluded. The sculptors appreciate the fact that this will be the first ThunderCats product in decades and well put our best effort into every piece.

9) Fans have noticed the fur on the Lion-O statue. Could you comment on this choice?

Yes, the fur and costume textures expresses the detail that both WB and HH wanted to bring to the series. For most of the statue collectors, the more detail the better.

10) Who is sculpting the line?

Paul Bennett sculpted the Lion-O and is now working on Cheetara. I think the fans will be pretty happy about Cheetara. Paul is very talented and is very impressive with the fine details.

11) Besides buying the statues, what other ways can fans support Hard Hero to make sure that as many statues as possible will be produced?

At the end of the day, any successful series is about sales. We have always appreciated our customers and realize that without them, there is no collector's hobby. So, the fan support is very important for us as well as the ThunderCats property.

Well be offering the ThunderCats in strictly limited edition sizes, meaning each piece will be produced according to orders. The exception might be an exclusive here and there with even lower edition sizes. However, we have no plans to offer loads of simple repaint variants. We want all the collectors to feel that they can acquire the entire series (villains too) without any redundancies in the collection.

There are lots of characters to choose from, heroes and villains alike. We're hoping that the ThunderCats fans will appreciate the new products and help us build something really special over the next few years.

Compiled by Grizzlor

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