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The first statue to be produced in the line naturally had to be Lion-O, Lord of the ThunderCats. As the first foray into the T-Cat property, Hard Hero needed to make a number of choices taht would affect the rest of the of the line. Would they stick with the cartoon designs or go with the more edgy, mordern look of the recent comic book look? In high detail, how would they deal with the look of the ThunderCats?

One of the surprises to fans was the choice to make Lion-O truly furry. In the high res photo below you'll see that the fine detail makes Lion-O half human and half epidermal cat. This makes sense and blends with how true to form the costume and look of Lion-O is. This added element of realism seems to be well received so far. Perhaps not universally, but reports from those who have seen the statue in person are almost unanimously positive for the look.

Lion-O's pose is taken from the intro sequence. News on Cheetara, the second statue in the line confirms that her pose is also taken from the intro sequence. Perhaps this means that the rest of the characters will be insprired by the beautiful animation of Masayuki

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