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As many LJN and Thundercats toy fans know, LJN had an habit of advertising future toys before they were on the manufacturing floor. Due to this, items such as weapons that appeared in early catalogue pictures were different to what turned up on shop shelves. A good example of this is Cheetara's baton. This was a red colour in the first LJN catalogue, but when available to buy it had been changed to the orange colour we know of today!

Then there are the toys that were advertised, but never produced to buy in any form. The release of mini catalogues with each released toy, depicting future toy releases is the reason why we got to see such 'Prototypes' that were meant to be be manufactured, but just didn't quite make it to the store shelves.

Years later clearer pictures had surfaced of these Prototypes through the acquirability of the original LJN dealer catalogues (see dealer catalogues page) containing bigger/better pictures than those in the mini catalogues.

All of the toys featured in this Prototypes guide were never released for sale in toy stores and are only known to exist in Prototype form. At the moment the only Prototype that is still known to exist outside of catalogue pictures is the Feliner vehicle.






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